Bible Records
Almond Spence Family
Ernest Almond Spence, Jr. Family
James Brite Spence Family
Spence Family
Whitehurst Family
Cornith Baptist Church
Griffin Swamp Road
Harris cemeteries
Lane Family-Elizabeth City
Morgan Family cemeteries
New Begun cemeteries
Nixionton Family
Nixionton School
Parker Family
Peartree Road
Shannon Family
Stokely Family
Weeksville Old Episcopal Church
1790 Census
Joseph Parker, 1840
Bible Marriage Records
John B Ogg Pension Application
Wills and Estate Records
Estate Records (loose) Index A-J
Estate Records (loose) Index K-R
Estate Records (loose) Index S-Z
Benjamin Burnham, 1762
James Burnham, 1764
Thomas Russell, 1791

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