November 13, 1760
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Philadelphia, November 7, 1760.
who lately came from North Carolina to this Place, has, in a very unjust and 
fraudulent Manner, become indebted to the Subscribers, with a large Number of 
others of the Merchants and Tradesmen of the said City, to the Value of near 
Four Thousand Pounds; upon which Credit, he hath built a fine single deck, and 
taken up a large Quantity of Goods for her Lading, under Pretence of sending her 
forthwith to North Carolina; and, in order the more effectually and clandestinely 
to cover and carry on his wicked and fraudulent Intentions, he gave out to his 
Creditors, that he did not intend to leave the Place, but settle here; yet, after 
the Vessel left the Port, he, unknown to his Creditors, and contrary to his Engagement,
proceeded in a private Manner to New Castle; at which Place the said WHITE ,
and the Captain of the said Brigantine, John Thornton, with their Wives,
embarked and sailed in her, to some Place, as is apprehended, where the said
WHITE may think himself safest from his Creditors, with a Design entirely to cheat 
and defraud them of their just Debts. Bow we the Subscribers, in order for the 
apprehending of the said John WHITE  , and for preventing the like Impositions 
by him on others, for the future, and for procuring, if possible, from him our just 
Demands, do hereby give public Notice of the Conduct of the said John WHITE, 
and desire all and any of our Friends, or the Friends of Justice, in any Port or 
Place where the said WHITE  
may arrive with the said Vessel, to arrest and apprehend him, together with the 
Vessel, on our Accounts, and of such their friendly and generous Transactions to
remit to us forthwith an Account, that they may have the proper Credentials
authentically transmitted to them, which they may depend shall be done with
the utmost Expedition: and we do hereby engage to support and indemnify such
Persons, in the fullest and amplest manner, for interposing in our Behalf
against the said WHITE , and the 
said Vessel; and to make them full Compensation, for the Trouble and Expenses 
which they shall sustain in this Behalf.


N.B. In case the said Vessel should be arrested, it must be done severally
in the Names of John Wharton, Builder of the said Vessel, John Malcolm,
Sailmaker, William Spafford, Ropemaker and Ship chandler, Luke Morris, James
Wharton, and Enoch Story, in Company, Rope makers and Ship chandlers, and
Daniel Offley, Blacksmith. And in case the said WHITE  should be arrested, it
may be done in any other of the Subscribers Names severally.

The said John WHITE  is a slim young Man, near 27 Years of Age, about 5 Feet
6 or 7 Inches high, small Roman Nose, talks quick, one of his upper Teeth
appears decayed, and is of a lively Behaviour.

The Vessel is a single deckBrigantine, called the Ranger, 55 Feet straight
by the Keel, and 22 Feet Beam, 11 Feet Hold, Quarter Deck 34 Feet long, with
Bulk Head, has Ports for 16 Guns, a Man Head, with a Jocky Cap, short Coat,
a Pistol in one Hand, and a Cutlass in the other, a graving Piece at the
Larboard Bow, in the lower Wale, about two Feet long, with a WHITE  Bottom,
and black Sides.


Bath County NC Record of Deeds: Volume 1 1695 to 1729

These are in the name of his Excellency the Palatine and --- of the true 
and absolute Lord proprietors; to will and require you to survey and layout 
for John White 1200 acres of land which is due to him for the transportation 
of twenty four persons; whose names are underwritten and return this warrant 
with the survey and to the Secretary's office sale bought as you will answer 
the contrary.  Given under our hands and seals of the colony.

Henderson Walker
Sanwell Swain
Francis Tomes
William Glover
Thomas Pollock

John White Sr., John White Jr., Sarah White, George White, Francis White, 
Mary White, Anne White, Luck White, Francis White, Media White __ Stephen's, 
Charles Reed, Mary Reed, Rod Taylor, T. Nash, Prudence Nash, Sampson Starborough,
 __ Goodwin, Jenkins Jones, Jenkins Sorman, __Griffin, Isaac Jormigan.

Assigned to N. Chiven

I do assign over this warrant and rites to Mr. Edmond Peirt with warranty: 
witness my hand October the 18th 1701: Na Chevin

Know all men that I Edmond Peirt do lay the foregoing warrant and 12 rites unto 
my assigned by N. Chevin upon the land I now am in possession of. 
February the 9th 1701/2

Test Levi Truewhitt C C
Ship record of one: Francis White age 24 in 1635
This record is from The Original Lists of Persons of Quality 1600-1700 by John C. Hotten

17 April 1635
Pties herevnder expressed are to be transported to New England inbarqued in 
Ye Elizabeth Wm Stagg Mr p Cert: from the Ministries & Justices of the Peace 
of their conformitie to the Church of England: they have taken the oaths of 
Allegience & Supremacie

Emigrators name and Age: 
Francis White 24 


The second line had a dark mark (crease or line which was added later and cannot be read).

I JOHN WHITE of the presint of perquimans being not very well in helth but in perfect 
mind (second line canít read) first my will is that all my just debts and funerel 
expenses be paid by my execturos hearafter named - - - -  -

Secondly I give and bequeaf to my son JOHN WHITE the plantation that I now Live on all 
the Land there to be long and the leas of Land that I bought of William more joining 
on JOHN Lille after his mothers death and my will is that when my son JOHN WHITE coms 
of age of twenty won years he shall have the Liberty to seatel in the great neck and that 
he may have the Liberty of the one half of the Land and it is to be understood that the 
Law is given to my son JOHN WHITE him his hairs or a sons forever.  I al so give to my 
son JOHN WHITE one cow name Chore and her futer increase and won iron pot and won puter 
dish - - - -

Thirdly I give and bequeaf to my Daughter RAICHEL WHIT the Leas of Land that I bought of 
franses Nube Lying betwen my plantation and Jeams Stalins (canít read) the weak to her 
her ayrs or asins forever and won heffer named bulis and her futer increase and won 
silver spon and won puter dish and a fork. I also give to my Daighter RAICHEL won feather 
bed and bolster and a posr of sheats and won rug.

Forthly I give to my thre Daughters Sarah Elizabeth and hulve my Negro womon named nanne 
and her increase and my will is as my thre Daughters to the age of Eaighten or married 
thea ma have the in creas and their mother may have the work of the neger wenm Jarin her 
Lif.  I also give to my thre Daighters three puter Dishes and three puter (looks like 
scotch tape has been put across the page and cannot read the rest of the sentence but 
you can barely see the words ďthree heffers and there increasĒ). I also Leave a neger man 
to be should and the money I give to my three daughters SARAH, ELIZABETH and hulve - - - -

Fifthly I give to my sister MARY a heffer (canít read) her future increase - - -

Lastly I give to my loving wife SARAH WHITE all the remaining part of my Estate of kind 
or Quality soever and to be at her Sole (canít read) and do hereby appoint my Loving wife 
SARAH WHITE my holl Exectators to see this my will fulfiled in witness I have set my hand 
this sixteenth day of feberary In the year 1731.

JOHN Lille (his mark)
~Canít read~
William WHITE


By: F. McClendon - macgoose@msn.com

Excerpt from History of Perquimans County by Mrs Watson Winslow: Rachel JORDAN, 
daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth SANBOURNE, of Isle of Wight County Virginia 
married Thomas WHITE,( son of John White)on July 17, 1719. Issue of this marriage 
was 1)Lydia, born Sept.12,1720 who married John Robinson of Perquimans: 2)Elizabeth, 
born Oct.19,1722 who married Joseph PRITCHARD of Pasquotank County; 3) Joshua, 
born Nov.26,1727 and married Gulielma JORDAN; 4) Jordan, born March 20, 1729; 
5)Thomas, born Dec 25, 1730 and his twin Rachel, also born on the same date. Thomas 
married Anne Barrow and Rachel married Benjamin Winslow(son of John WINSLOW and 
Ester Snelling) 6)John, born March 17,1733 and married Lydia WINSLOW (daughter of 
Joseph WINSLOW Sr and wife Pleasant); 7)Mary, born Feb.29, 1734 and married Joseph 
WINSLOW also son of Joseph Sr. and Pleasant WINSLOW;8) Matthew, born March 10, 1738 
and married Mary ROBINSON; 9) Caleb, born March 8,1740 and Married Rebecca TOMS ; 
10) Benjamin ??? 

Thomas WHITE'S will-Perquimans, January of 1762 made bequest to son Benjamin
(not of age) the "plantation on which I now dwell, and water mill" and should 
not "debar his mother from the dwelling house, and a third of the said plantation 
to wife Rachel--"chattels, one large looking glass,and a square walnut table." To 
son Joseph(son-in-law Joseph Winslow??) property "I possess with him" and half the 
water mill, until son Benjamin comes of age. Sons John, Matthew, Caleb, same. To 
daughter Mary WINSLOW "one large looking glass and chattels." Daughter Sarah WHITE 
(?) and grand daughters Sarah and Mary PRITCHARD "negroes which I lent to my daughter 
Elizabeth." Appointed son Thomas and Benjamin Executors; Test' Thomas NEWBY, Mary 

The will of Mary PRITCHARD (daughter of Elizabeth WHITE and Joseph PRITCHARD of 
Oct. 1765, names her brother Benjamin PRITCHARD as the beneficiary of all her 
lands. To sisters Elizabeth and Miriam, mother-in-law Sarah PRITCHARD (stepmother) 
aunt Sarah Albert--,bequest, to gr-grandmother, RachelWHITE, to whom she left "a 
negro man named Jacob" at her death to Uncle Benjamin WHITE, Uncles Joshua, Joseph, 
Thomas, John, Caleb and Benjamin WHITE-"the remainder of Estate" Brother-in-law 
Zephaniah JONES and Uncle Caleb WHITE were executors 

Will of Rachel JORDAN WHITE of Perquimans County I Rachel WHITE, of the Province 
of Carolina, and County of Perquimans, being weak of body,but of sound and dispposing 
memory, do think Proper to make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament, in 
the manner and form following: Firstly I give and bequeath unto my three sons, Joshua 
WHITE, John WHITE and Caleb WHITE, my negro girl Called Priscilla. She and all her 
increase to them and their heirs forever, also I give unto my son Joshua (WHITE),one 
Brass Kittle (kettle) and one Stone pot, to him and his heirs: also I give unto my 
son Caleb (WHITE), one feather bed and furniture and three earthen plates, to him and 
his heirs forever. Secondly I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas(WHITE),my desk ? 
and one cow, and one Walnut framed looking glass and one Couch, to him and his heirs 
forever. Thirdly I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph(WHITE) two cows and two heifers, 
one Ewe, and lamb,one side-saddle and bridle, one great Chest, and one Pewter Dish, and 
three plates, two white chairs, to him and his heirs forever. Fourthly I give and 
bequeath unto my son Matthew(WHITE), two heifers, one tub and pail, two ewew and one 
looking glass, and one Candle Stick, and one Cofey pit (Coffee pot?)to him and his 
heirs forever. Fifthly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rachel (WHITE)WINSLOW, one 
Small square table, and one bress Candle Stick, and one negro wench Judah, and one old 
feather bed and some furniture. Sixthly I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary(WHITE)
WINSLOW, Eight pounds proc--- money, three Earthen plates and one Earthen prinah ? bole, 
oneSmall Stone mug, to her and her heirs forever. Seventhly I give and bequeath unto my 
daughter Sarah Nicholson (?), one feather bed, furniture, that Mary PRITCHARD left me 
and half Duzen Earthen plates and one punch bole, one large pewter Dish, one Deep pewter 
Dish, one teepot and five tee Cups, and sas--(saucers?), one large Stone pot, and Square 
table, one Chest, to her her heirs forever. Eightly and lasstly I give and bequeath unto 
my son Benjamin (WHITE), ome feather bed and furniture, and one Case and bottles, also I 
give all right of that Negro man Called Jacob, which Mary PRITCHARD left me to him and 
his heirs forever. Mrs. Winslow related that the preceeding will of Rachel Jordan White 
was found unsigned and undated behind a mirror in and antique shop in Suffolk, Virginia. 
Because it names the names of her husband and children, which can be verified otherwise, 
it is deemed of some genealogical value 


Sally WHITE, others to Thomas White, 1824

Craven County, NC Deed Bk. 44, pg 385-388

Children of Whichcoat WHITE, the elder to Thomas White.

This Indenture made this 5th day of July in the year of our Lord One
thousand eight hundred and twenty four between Sally White, Mordecai
White, Whichcoat White and Lewis White and Wiley White children of
Whichcoat White the elder, late of Craven County deceased of the one
part, and Thomas White their brother of the other part. Whitnesseth that
whereas Whichcoat White the elder deceased by his last will and testament
directed that after the death or marriage of his wife Nancy White the
whole of his property real and personal should be equally divided among
or between his daughter Sally White and his sons Reuben White, Mordecai
White, Wiley White, Thomas White, Whichcoat White, & Lewis White the
wholeof whom were alive and of age at the death of Nancy White the widow
which took place on the 20th of September in the year 1823, excepting
Reuben White, and the whole of the survivors (p 386) agreeing in the
opinion that the lands by being divided among the several legalees would
be considerably impaired in value, came to the determination to have them
sold for the most they would bring at public auction & to divide the
proceeds of the sales of the lands among them instead of dividing the
land, and accordingly having first advertised the lands to be sold on a
credit of sic, twelve and eighteen months full forty days previous to the
sale, they did on the day and at the place appointed to wit on the 29th
day of December in the year 1823 at the late mansion house of their
father the said Whichcoat White proceed to set up at public sale on a
credit of six twelve and eighteen months, the whole of the lands of their
father the said Whichcoat White vir. One tract lying and being in the
County of Craven & State of North Carolina on both sides of Miery branch
near Slade's line Beginning at a sweet gum on the north side of said
branch thence north 74Et 158 poles to a stake then south 158 poles to a
stake near a marked gum in the Horse branch, then So 74 West 158 poles to
a stake, then north 158 poles, to the first station, containing one
hundred and fifty acres of land which were granted to James Little by
patent bearing date 25th of September 1766. Conveyed by him to Levi Gill
& by Gill to Benjamin Williams, by him to James Allen & by him to the
said Whichcoat White. Another tract adjoining the last lying in the fork
of Horse & Miery branches, Beginning at the Miery branch, then north 54
East 82 poles to a stake, then north 19 Wt 40 poles to Little's corner
then So 69 West along Little's line to the Miery branch then up the said
branch to the beginning, containing twenty eight acres to the same more
or less, being part of a grant for a larger tract & was purchased by the
said Whichcoat White from Samuel Slade by deed bearing date the 2nd day
of February 1807. Another tract in the County & State aforesaid lying in
the Miery branch Beginning at a white Oak, Hall's corner tree on the West
ward side of Miery about ten poles from the branch pruns(?) No 63 East
with Slade's line across the branch 177 poles to a pine, then So 27 East
179 poles to a stake, then So 63 West across the branch 140 poles and
from thence to the beginning, containing one hundred and seventy eight
acres of land be the same more or less, - The other and last tract
containing ninety acres of land as granted by patent to the said (p 387)
Whichcoat White lying on the south side of Neuse river and East side
of Coor Creek, Beginning at a pine Samuel Slade's corner, on the north
side of a pond that makes into Horse branch & runs the reverse of said
Slade's line So 63 Wt 140 poles to a pine on the side of said branch,
then So 31 Et 104 poles to a stake in the center of two pines, then No 63
East 140 poles to a stake, thence to the beginning. And the said lands
after being duly cryed were struck off by the cryer Vincent White to the
said Thomas White at the sum of four hundred and sixty nine dollars fifty
cents he being the last and highest bidder therefor at that price. Now
therefore they the said Sally, Mordecai, Wiley, Whichcoat and Lewis White
for and in consideration of the sum of Sixty seven dollars, seven cents
and one seventh of a cent to them severally in hand paid or secured to be
paid by the said Thomas before the ensealing and delivery hereof the
receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained and
sold, enfeoffed & delivered, and by these present do grant bargained &
sell alein enfeoff and deliver unto him the said Thomas White the whole
of the interest, estate, right , title and claim which they or either
have by virtue of the last will and testament of their father Whichcoat
White or otherwise in and to the lands herein before mentioned and
described. To have and to hold their respective proportions of said lands
together with all the improvements, rights privileges and appurtenances
to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining unto the said Thomas
White his heirs and assigns forever. And they the said Sally White,
Mordecai White, Wiley White, Whichcoat White, and Lewis White for
themselves their heirs executors and administrators their interest in and
to the said several tracts of land & premises unto the said Thomas White
his heirs and assigns against the lawful claim or claims of all persons
claiming the same by from trough or under them or either of them, shall
and will warrant and for ever defend by these present.

In Witness whereof they have (p 388) hereunto severally set their hands
and seals the day and year first above written. Signed sealed and
delivered in the presence of:   
              Whichcoat (his mark X) White (Seal)                         
Lewis White (Seal)                                                       
Wiley White (Seal)                                                       
Sally (her mark X) White (Seal)                                           

Mordecai White (Seal)                                                             
(The words "the said Wiley" being first erased and the word "Vincent"
underlined before signing. Wm Blackledge Witness to all but Mordecai White                                                           
                         Frederick Ipock

State of North Carolina February 12th 1826 Then was the execution of the
foregoing deed by Whichcoat White, Lewis White, Wilie White, & Sally
proved before me by the oath of William Blackledge one of the subscribing
Witnesses thereto. And its execution by Morsecai White was at the same
time proved by the oath of Frederick Ipock the other subscribing Witness.
        Let it be Registered. J R Donnell JSLOE

by: Marian Ryall - mryall1@juno.com -from FHL film #18673

Will of Peregrine WHITE 

The fourteenth day of July Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and four. 

I Peregrine WHITE of Marshfield in ye County of Plimouth in New England 
Being aged and under many Weaknesses and Bodily Infirmities But of Sound 
disposing mind and memory praises be Rendered to Almighty God therefore 
yet in dayly Expectation of my Great Change Do herefore hereby make and 
Declare this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking and making null 
any former Will or Wils by me heretofore made and declare this to be my 
last Will and Testament and no other-- 

Imprimis I Humbly Commit my Soul to Almighty God that Gave it and my Body 
to decent Buriall and it Shall Please him to take me hence And Touching 
my Worldy Estate which it hath pleased the Lord to Bless me with my Will 
and meaning is that ye same Shall be imployed and disposed as followeth 
that is to say after my just debts and funerall expenses are payd and 
discharged by my Executors hereafter named and same shall be Imployed as 
herein is expressed Item I Give and Bequeath to Sarah my welbeloved Wife 
all my Goods and Chattels not otherways disposed of by this my Will the 
same to be for her Support and Comfort for and during ye term of her 
naturall Life. Item I having already by Deed under my hand and Seal Dated 
the 19th day of August 1674 Given and Confirmed to my Eldest Son Daniel 
White my Tenement or Homestead with other my land and Rights of Land in 
ye Township of Marshfield with ye Exceptions and Reservations therein 
mentioned--All which lands and premisses I hereby futher Confirm unto him 
according to ye true meaning of ye said Deed And I do hereby further Give 
and Bequeath to my said Son Daniell my Great table and fourms my Joynworke 
Bedstead and Cupboard Also I give unto my said son Daniel ye one moiety or 
half of my lands and Rights of land in ye Township of Middleborough Always 
provided that in Consideration thereof he the said Daniel Keep for the use 
of my said wife both Sumer and Winter one Cow during ye life of my said 
wife Item I having enjoyned ye said Daniel to pay unto my Daughters Sarah 
and Mercy each of them ye sum of Ten pounds as in ye above Recited Deed is 
mentioned. It is my will tha twhat is behind and unpaid by him be duly paid 
to them out of his Estate according to ye meaning of ye said Deed. Item I 
Give and Bequeath the other moiety or half my land and Rights of land in ye 
Township of Middleborough to my two sons Jonathan and Peregrine to be equally 
parted betweene them I further Give to my said son Jonathan my Rapier and to 
his Eldest son I Give my Gun. Item It is my will that all my said Goods and 
Chattels that shall be remaining at my wife her decease be Equally parted 
between my four children namely Jonathan Peregrine Sarah and Mercy And further 
it is my will that Sarah my wife enjoy that part of ye Dwelling house that I 
now live in and enjoy And I hereby Give her the one third of ye Rents and 
profits of ye land contayned in ye above Recited Deed to hold to her during ye 
term of her Naturall life. And lastly I hereby nominate and Appoint my said 
Wife and my said Eldest Son Daniel joynt Executors of this my last Will and 
Testament And do Request my Good friends and Neighbors Samuel Sprague Senior 
and John Dogget to be overseers thereof and be helpfull in ye advising of my 
wife to such methods as may conduce to her comfortable subsistance while she 
lives In Testimony whereof and in confirmation of ye promisses I ye said 
Peregrine White have hereunto set my hand and seal on ye Day and year above 
Written. Item before sealing I Give to Each of my sd Daughters one painted 
chair and a cushion. 

Signed sealed and Declared
In ye Presence of 

Saml Sprague
Thomas Dogget 

Mary Joyce 
her mark 

The mark of Peregrine WHITE 


William WHITE
March 10, 1753; March Court 1755 Currituck Co.,NC
Sec. of State NC Wills, 1663-1789

In the Name of God Amen I William WHITE of North Carolina in Currituck 
County Being verry sick & weak in Body But of Perfect Mind and Memory Thanks 
be Given to Almighty God for it Therefore Make this my Last Will and testament 
That is to say Principally and First of all I Give and Recomend my soul into 
the Hands of God that made it and as for my Body I Recomend it to the Earth to 
be Buried in a Christian Like and Decent Manner at the Discression of my Extx. 
Hearafter Named Nothing Doubting But at the General Resurrection I shall Receive 
it again by the Mighty Power of God and as Touching such Worldly Estate where 
with it Hath Pleased God to Bless me in this Life I Give Revise & Dispose of the 
same in the Following Manner & Form &c.

Imprimas. I Give & Bequeath to my well Beloved son Henry White one Hundred acres 
of Land whereon he now lives Binding on Peter Poyners Line & Henry Spratlins Line 
to Him & his Heirs for Ever.

Item. I Give & Bequeath to my well beloved sone Willoughby White the Remander 
Part of my Land where I Now live after my Loving Wife Margeret Whites Deceas to 
him & His Heirs of his Body Lawfully Begotten for Ever and if he should Die without 
such Issue then to fall to my well Beloved sone Luke White to Him & his Heirs for 
Ever it Being one Hundred & Thirteen Acres.

Item. I Give & Bequeath to my well Beloved sone Luke White my Negro Man called Sam 
after my well Beloved wife Margret Whites Deceas to him & his heirs for Ever and 
if he should Die with [sic] Lawful Issue then to fall to my well Beloved sone Jamey 
White to him & his Heirs for Ever.

Item. I Give & Bequeath to my well Beloved son Jamey White my Negro man Ishmal after 
my Beloved Father & Mothers Deceas to be Eaquilly Devided Between my son Jamey as 
afsd. & my Beloved sone William White & if my Beloved sone Jamey Die without Lawful 
Issue then the whole to fall to my sone William as afsd. to him & his heirs for Ever.

Item. [A couple of lines are obscured here, apparently by a strip of tape across the 
page]...man called Ishmal after my Father & Mothers Deceas as afsd. according to the 
True Intent & Meaning of the foregoing Legacie Given to my Beloved son Luke[?-- may 
be "Jamey" with "Luke" written over it, or vice versa] White as afsd. & if he should 
Die without Lawful Issue then the whole to fall to my son Luk Jamie White as aforementioned.

Item. I Give & Bequeath to my well beloved Daughter Coartna White the First child 
that my Negro woman called Jeruse Bairs that Lives to the age of one year & a Half 
old to her & her Heirs for Ever & if she should Die without Lawful Issue then to fall 
to my well Beloved Daughter Love White to her & ye Heirs of her Body Lawfully Begotten 
for Ever.

Item. I Give & Bequeath to my well Beloved Daughter Love White ye second child that my 
Negro woman called Jeruse Bairs that Lives to the age of one year & a half to her & her 
Heirs of her body Lawfully Begotten & if she should Die without such Issue then to fall 
to my Daughter Cortna to her & her heirs for Ever.

Item. I give & Bequeath to my well beloved Daughter Meriam White my Negro woman called 
Jeruse to her & her heirs of her Body Lawfully [torn]tten & if she should die without 
such Issue then to fall to my Two daughters vizt. Coartna & Love White to be Eaquilly 
Devided to them & there Heirs for Ever after my Beloved wifes Deceas.

Item. I Give and Bequeath to my well Beloved Wife Margeret White whome I Likewise 
constitute Make & ordain my onely & sole Exetx. of this my Last will & Testament the 
use of all my worldly Estate During her life & after her Deceas to be Eaquilly Devided 
a Mong all my Children as is hear to fore Named Constituting Makeing & ordaining my 
Beloved wife Margeret White my sole Exetx. of this my Last will & testament Ratifying 
& confirming this & no other to be my Last will & testament utterly Disannulling 
Revokeing & Disalowing all & Every other former will or wills by me Named willed or 
Bequeathed in Testamony whereof I have hear unto set my hand & afixt my seal this tenth 
Day of March 1753.

William WHITE

signd seald & Delivered in the presents of
George Powers
Thomas Miller
Saml. Simmons

North Carolina
Currituck County} March County Court Anno. Dom. 1755
Present His Majesties Justices
These may Certifie that Samuel Simmons and Thomas Miller appeared in open Court and 
made oath that they were present and saw William WHITE sign seal publish and declare 
the within writing to be and contain his last will and Testament and that the said 
William was then and at that time of sound & Disposing memory and that they saw George 
Powers the other subscribing evidence sign his name thereto at the same time appeared 
Margaret White executrix and took the executors oath in due form of law ordered that 
the Honble. James Murray Secretary have notice thereof and Letters Issue thereon as 
the law Directs.
Test William Shergold 


World Connect Project:
Contact: Jim Arnold - swprod@sonic.net
ID: I0644 
Name: Judith WHITE 
Sex: F 
Birth: 3 AUG 1681 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland 
Death: 26 SEP 1744 in Bodies Island, Currituck County, North Carolina

Father: Samuel WHITE b: 1640 in ? 
Mother: Rachael HACKER b: UNKNOWN in ?

Marriage 1 Matthew MIDYETTE b: 10 APR 1676 in Charles County, Maryland
Married: 13 JUL 1702 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland

 Samuel MIDYETTE b: 6 DEC 1704 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland
 John MIDYETTE b: 10 FEB 1706/07 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland
 Joseph White MIDYETTE , Sr. b: 16 MAY 1709 in Covewell Plantation, Ann Arundel County, Maryland
 Ann MIDYETTE b: 30 MAR 1712 in ?
 Matthew MIDYETTE , Jr. b: 16 APR 1715 in Bodies Island, Currituck County, North Carolina
 Catherine MIDYETTE b: 10 OCT 1716 in Bodies Island, Currituck County, North Carolina
 Thomas MIDYETTE b: 14 NOV 1717 in Bodies Island, Currituck County, North Carolina
 Judith MIDYETTE b: 12 AUG 1719 in Bodies Island, Currituck County, North Carolina
 Dinah MIDYETTE b: 10 JUN 1721 in Bodies Island, Currituck County, North Carolina

ID: I1967 
Name: Rachael HACKER 
Sex: F 
Birth: UNKNOWN in ? 
Death: UNKNOWN in ? 
Note: Maiden name "Hacker"?

Marriage 1 Samuel WHITE b: 1640 in ?
Married: UNKNOWN in ?
 Judith WHITE b: 3 AUG 1681 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland

Passenger List
for the "Lyon" 1632 
show these WHITE passengers below:

LYON: William Peirce, Master, sailed from London June 22, 1632 and arrived 
September 16, 1632 at Boston. 'He brought one hundred and twenty three 
passengers, whereof fifty children, all, in health. They had been twelve 
weeks aboard and eight weeks from Land's End.'   
JOHN WHITE       of Cambridge  
Mrs. Mary White  
Nathaniel White  
Mary White  


Irish Passenger Lists

 "Encrease", Youghal, Cork, 1679

*WHITE passenger on ship ENCREASE of Youghal, Ireland, 1679

Following are transcriptions of original documents listing passengers
of the ship ENCREASE out of Youghal, Ireland to Maryland in 1679. 

Philip Poplestone craves rights to one thousand acres of land from
importacon of 20 persons into this province to inhabitt according to
the following catalogue viz ano 1679:  Thomas WHITE       

The persons above specified were imported by me Philip Poplestone and
never made use of the rights for their transportation until assigned
by me unto John Stevens witness my hand this nineteenth day of March
Philip Popleston

I do hereby assigne and make over all my rights and jurist to the
above specified unto John Stevens and his assignes as witness my hand
and seale the 19th March 1679.
Philip Popleston

Warrent: then granted unto John Stevens of Dorchester County by the
right honorable Lord Proprietor for and in consideration of the
foregoing rights and assignments from Philip Poplestone for one
thousand acres of land.

(Notes prepared by William G. Hills, 1939 and located by Ron Shawhan
in 1982 at the DAR Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Page 128. These
notes suggest the ship probably came from London. See also reference
to Dorchester County Patent Records, Liber WC, folio 129, in Elizabeth
Shahan, An Early History of the Shahan Family 1678-1920, Gaithersburg,
MD, 1995.)

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